More pics of ballsy topless Lebanese girls burning #ISIS flags…

521577_180023905482185_1539395733_nYou have to respect this kind of anger and self-assertiveness. The rest of the world may be afraid of ISIS, but these girls aren’t…


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  1. THIS is how it begins. THIS is how the muslim world can learn how to fight back. These women are incredible. Brave and defiant. These are role models to be followed, not despicable friggin’ trash like Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose. More power to these brave women.

    • The very name of your Site reveals you to be the enemy of these young women you perversely seek to praise. The evil madness you suffer, vomit, and infect others with is IDENTICAL to the rabid hate of ISIS, except those Soldiers of Insanity have at least the courage to heft a gun and actively enforce their demonic ideology. You, on the other hand, spit at beautiful, uninhibited Western Female Celebrities with literally the same breath you use to praise Lebanese Women posing topless.

      Christ, how does one keep track of such contradictory beliefs, positions and hatreds, let alone decide when and where and upon whom to inflict them?

      • Have you lost your… nevemind

      • It’s called Freedom. To say what we want, when we want.

      • Dr. James may your soul burn in hell with the goat raping camel herding pedophiles that you wish to worship. You virus is the reason these killers of decent, innocent, moral being people are in need of defending themselves from them. You should resign your Doctrate and go into the same caves as these animals and live with them so you can enjoy the bounty they will bring upon themselves, you, and the beliefs in which you seemingly sure with them. Also Amber Rose and K.K. are about worthless trash that has no other skills then to be seen naked, have sex with ” famous ” people, and live off the 15 minutes of fame they get for it. No do us all a favor and never reproduce and create off spring that have your same values and indecent morals upon which you thrive in your words towards anyone that really KNOWS how ISLAM is and it’s followers.

    • Word! Great point. We can only hope that the mssg reaches those cofused weak minds that are controlled by ISIS propganda.

    • This is Paris. If this happened in Lebanon, they would raped and killed and their families beheaded too.

  2. For those who say they “don’t see any Muslims speaking out against ISIS” look at this and shut up. These girls have more bravery in their left nipples that the bigots on all sides, including in the US, will ever know.

    Roger Wolsey, author, “Kissing Fish: christianity for people who don’t like christianity”


  4. Let’call them what they are: Strong and courageous WOMEN.

  5. Man I find this kind of blog so informative in so many ways. If you just see it and don’t think about “ohh I agree with this or I don’t agree with that” you can see why out THINKING is the problem and if we let go of what we think and embrace what we see we would be free.

    • Zoom in on the top picture and you will see The American flag burning too.

    • Its actually one of those anti slip plates you see on train platforms and curbs

    • lol ya’ll just got trolled

    • Murdock – people like you start WARS over what’s not a clear a present danger. That’s not anyone’s flag – perhaps sewerman live down there.. Murdock … hmmmm … aren’t you the guy that left Rambo and the POWs to die in Rambo3 ??? Figures

    • I like what you say, reminds me of Eckhart Tolle. Without so much thinking the world would be a better place. We have to believe in each other and in each others good intentions. We have to look at the world and let it be, instead of having the urge to regulate everything, and tell others what to believe.

    • These protests by these Lebanese womyn reminds me a lot of a type of what used to be called “Happenings”. In the 1960’s there developed a type of Conceptual Art that’s called a “Happening”, most of these occurred without any type of photo documentation, some were a one-time “Happening” others may have been part of similar events. An Artist by the name of Hannah Wilke started posing nude from the waist up & covering her chest with chewing gum stuck onto her in the shape of stars. She did a number of appearances/”Happenings” at at least 5 major Art Openings. She called her Art “Starification Object Series” & stated that the meaning of her Art was to demonstrate “how men treated womyn like gum, they chewed them up & spit them out”. One of my favorites Artists in that genre.
      Not only are these womyn extremely brave- doing this in public with no veil, nothing to hide their identities would lead to a public execution in Iran & in Egypt or Saudi Arabia, maybe any country predominantly Islamic, would get them a face full of hydrachloric acid, and to have their female genitalia disfigured or worse. Hell, they may still have something really horrible happen. I say this as someone who has served overseas & as someone with Islamic Macedonian family in Turkey, as well as Graduate Studies on the Politics, Culture, History, & Religions of the Middle, Near, & Far East. What is in common between both the Artist & these political activists, is speaking out about the inherent disrespect for both womyn, by treated them as objects or property, and disrespect for life in general, other people of different belief in general. But what should stand out to 1/2 the people who posted on this topic, is how quickly & easily you utterly disrespected other people who have just as much a heart to feel, a mind to think, a voice to make those thoughts & feelings be heard- we all people, even if some of us say really STUPID FUBAR comments that are so infantile & miniscule in respect to the topic, the subject at hand ! it just blows my mind how when people can speak without consequence what it “REALLY” shows about that person integrity, values, & inner self. What I’m saying is “don’t give in to temptation to use words that are verbally, mentally & emotionally violent”. Don’t let your anger poison you to the point where it becomes resentment & hatred. THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THOSE RADICAL FUNDAMENTALISTS WANT! If they have lost their humanity & choose to become Apostates & True Infidels (both are defined right outof common scriptures), whatever we do, we should focus on becoming more human, more loving, caring, forgiving of others mistakes. “Not to sound macabre, but isn’t it my job to lay it on the masses & get them off they asses & fight these Fascists? So whatever you decide make that move with Pride….” Sincerely, Singer

  6. Yep, now ISIS is defeated. What a liberal bullshit.

    • Would you rather everyone cower in fear at the mention of their name, then? It’s what they want, so any defiance of their authority is a good thing, and even better, it absolutely enrages them. I’d have loved to have been a fly on the wall when Daesh saw this.

    • My liberal bullshit trumps your right-wing baby shit.

    • when cowards fear cowards ,the name will be brougza the scared shitless

    • Right wingers complain Muslims don’t speak out against jihadists, but they do all the time. Some comely ladies take their shirts off to make sure the media cover it, and what does the right-winger say? “Liberal bullshit.” Sorry they disturbed your narrative of all Muslims being terrorists. I can understand why you’re upset.

      • Nicely said! πŸ™‚

      • So it’s just right wingers??Open your eyes, it’s way more than right wingers!
        .Liberals hate facts. There are better ways to get things done.

      • Trobc, where do you see ‘Muslims’? It says ‘Lebanese’. 30-some percent of Lebanon is Christian.

      • He’s upset because no one died. If no one died, it doesn’t count. Actually even if someone died and it was far away it doesn’t count. It only counts if someone far away died AND it made money.

      • Liberals deal in FACTS! Right wing religious zealots and xenophobes live in fantasy land. 99% of fact check .org is spent on refuting right wing Faux news BS!

      • Fuck you people who sling shit at each other in these comment sections. As far as this INDEPENDENT is concerned you can go FUCK YOURSELVES. Liberal, right winger… are all brain dead sponges absorbing what ever biased news channel’s misinformation. Sick and tired of this SHIT.

      • josh!!!!! Wake up Man!
        M lebanese m muslim and im with this!

      • 40% of the Lebanon is is Christian so why assume this Arab women are Muslim?

      • Why are you talking? If you say comely, you don’t talk to people.

    • You have no balls you loser piece of conservative filth. Put yourself on the line like these ladies to prove you have balls you faceless pussyboy coward…just like ALL conservicunts… All talk, no action cuz you don’t have the balls these women have….pontificate more from the safety of your desktop you pathetic excuse for an American.

      • I see what you did there

      • Mike,,your a joke, such tough talk behind a keyboard. Name calling is all you got,you wouldn’t stand a chance against the weakest conservative. Get off your mom’s computer now.

      • I love Chris’ reply. “Mike your a joke”. Apparently, Mike, you possess something known as ‘a joke’ and he’s about to comment on it, and just stops. As in “Mike, your ‘AJoke’ is so fat…”. Very odd comment, really. Unless, and I’m only saying this to cover all bases, he’s a completed moron and doesn’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re”.

        Mmmm, maybe that is it. The rest of the comment made a silly comment about you not ‘standing a chance against the weakest conservative’, yet somehow you look far more intelligent than Chris. Thus you DO stand a chance against the weakest conservative. Or at least one of the stupid ones.

      • Mike – I can hardly type for laughing at your reply. That’s another new word to add to my vocabulary. You can guess which one… pmsl!

      • @Chris Thats all you got Chris? A reiteration of my own comment? You feral minded, closeted dicksucking conservative piece of illiterate shit. Learn the motherfucking difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ you inbred hick. You’re the type of conservative retard that gets hysterical about liberals and then jerks off a trucker in the crapper stall of a highway gas station while you wife waits with the kids at home to go to church you fucked up ignorant flea infested heap of steaming human shit. If Isis wants to kill Americans, I pray they come knocking on your family’s door. I’ll send them a fucking gift basket.

      • Awesome comment Mike! They don’t have balls they are just brave as fuck πŸ™‚

    • What wing would you say ISIS is on friend? Google it if you have to πŸ˜‰

    • One step at a time my friend, first the minds and then the hearts of the people

    • Did you know that a liberal invented toilet paper?

      • I still haven’t really heard any facts. How old are you guys? So violent. Maybe just maybe being a Donkey or an Elephant doesn’t have anything to do with this. Your personal biases cloud your deeper judgment. Please understand that none of us really know anything about this situation becuase we aren’t there. And we are relying on our emotions and hatred to guide us.This is a greatly troubling thought for a greatly troubling situation.

      • Is there some symbolism in there? Why is no one else discussing the toilet paper?!

  7. But that’s the Al Qaeda flag. Close enough since they fund ISIS and give them weapons.

    • Um, no. They’re actually at war with each other. It’s like the Crips and the Bloods. It’s actually some in Republican senators who wanted to fund Isis to fight Al-Qaeda.

    • It’s the “Black Standard” with a white Shahada used by several different islamist groups over the years. The Daesh flag that people usually think of bears more or less the same declaration in an objectively less aesthetically pleasing font.

  8. They are Ukrainians not Lebanese. That’s not an ISIS flag. This is not journalism. Whoever wrote this is a hack. They’re part of a group called “Femen”.

  9. Girls??? Seriously…. They are WOMEN….. Degrading these women so sickening !!

    • Rebecca – You’re an idiot.

    • They did this to show ISIS they aren’t afraid of them. That isn’t degrading, it’s gutsy.

    • I think she means Calling these women “girls” is degrading because it implies a level of childishness. There is nothing childish about their bravery. Also, arguing over their nationality, religion, whether or not the journalist is a hack or not, or whether this is Liberal BS, or conservatives are mad that their narrative has been taken away… they are all degrading to the cause these women are putting their necks on the line to openly support. We should support them.

      • Great comment Ely!

      • Now that has to be one the best, to the point, & ON TOPIC posts I have seen written. It really isn’t that hard to make comments actually on the subject matter. I’m sure everyone here has Critical Thinking skills & could write much more constructive comments. Some of you have probably been or are in college, so if you want to make a valid point, back it up with references-just like everyone has had to do for any term or research paper. If you have a higher education or are functionally a “subject matter expert”, show some research utilization skills. Challenge yourself to make a reply as serious as the topic we are trying to “discuss”. The obtuse political rhetoric, pointless emotional outbursts, & the “back & forth’ trading of insults completely undermines everything you have said before or after that kind of thoughtless verbal/emotional violence. You want to be taken seriously, step up & demonstrate your point of view by living up to the moral ideology you “claim” to believe in. Otherwise it’s just sounds like impulsive children with no higher moral capacity “venting” their impotency. Sincerely, Singer

    • Simmer down there little lady. Here let me carry that for you.

  10. These pictures are from Femen’s Jihadhi Day protest April 2013.

  11. I’m a conservative and I think it’s great.

    Naked women for everyone.

  12. No they’re not ballsy – that would be if they had balls! The have boobs and ovaries – and that’s enough!

  13. “There is no such thing as ISIS. ISIS is a creation of the US, we know that from official sources of the US military themselves & declassified documents.”

  14. Surley they could have protested in a different way instead of bring half naked.
    Dont get me wrong i am against isis and what they stand for but surley more have yo done by our politicians or so called leaders to crush them.

  15. Sex sells and these gals will get the world’s attention that not all muslims
    back the ISIS. Western finger talk and vocab get the message across LOUD & CLEAR. With half naked girls playing in the street you think that the guys will stay home watching T V or praying to Allah? Pretty soon there will be thousands in the streets all because some bare boob chicks decide to Flaunt it! Remember, SEX SELLS. The people are out because of the bastardly deeds in Paris and on the plane over Egypt.

    • fuck yeah, lady. think outside the box. and for everyone hating on everyone for spelling / grammar mistakes, remember these are international message boards. i doubt 75% of Americans could leave a cogent reply to any international issue in any other language than English without making some grammar or spelling faux pas. lighten up and remember this msg boar isn’t the right forum for you to prove yourself, it’s for discussion of these ladies’ show of prowess. than you and good day, and Robin Poole, ❀

  16. Now if we could just get over our fear of nipples…

  17. What morals does Isis claim to have exact,y that they actually practice appropriately?!?!

  18. These are FEMEN activists, burning ISIS flags in front of the great mosque of Paris in 2013…

    Not Lebanon, not “Ballsy” Lebanese women..

  19. Praying for their safety. They are brave women and I salute them!

  20. The world is the chaos it is because people cannot live without provoking each other. Who cares if you are right, left, centre, up, down, blue, green, red, right or wrong, living in Asia, America, Iraq…, Jew, Muslim, Shinto, Christian… We are all going to die one day and what are you going to take with you? War is not the fault of being western, eastern or about religion, politics or anything else, it’s about EGO, power, greed. Palestinian-Israel = ego. Hitler = ego, power, greed. Iraq/Iran ego, so on and so forth. Religion, political party, race etc are only the medium used to create war. This world will never be peaceful until we stop behaving like irresponsible spoiled children beating each other down. People are different and will think differently but is this a reason to kill, call each other names and fight? Shouldn’t we open our ears to different arguments and even if we don’t agree with it still respect each other? Why people have to take everything personal? Why everytime people have the chance to comment online they have ALWAYS to attack each other? Isnt that EGO? Freedom of speech is not the freedom to attack each other like animals! No one is better than anyone else we all need air, food, shelter, water, to go to the toilet and we will all die. Peace process start with each person. Want to change the world? Start with yourself.

  21. Ballsy => courageous
    Topless => rebellious
    Girls => Women
    “More Pics … of topless .. girls” => unnecessarily fuels the promise of titillating images vs the brave intentions

    unfortunately the attempt to create a provocative headline subtly reinforces the patriarchal viewpoints on which religions and oppressive regimes are based.

    before posting a rant-reply remember this: you too can become part of the solution if you choose to reflect on the language used in everyday life that reinforces male hegemony.

  22. Thats not even in lebanon

  23. I’d like to know where it is they’re doing this? Is it in a Muslim country. If so, this is a really stupid stunt.

  24. This is also extremism what people suffer in midle east Afghanistan Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. They emerged with just burning flog and solgan but terrorists mobilzed and equipped them and so on. Whenever not condemn by community and government it will create more social challenges. If some extremist people or entities financially assist these minority with increase day by day and goes out of control.

  25. we gonna free all nipples of Beirut & Lebanon!
    Fuck you Isis and fuck your morals
    And dude? How the hell did you see an american flag? Jeeeeeeeeeze ! Wake up!

  26. Dumb bitches don’t know, this is not the ISIS flag you’re burning. ISIS does not represent Islam, first of all. They’ve hijacked the Islam. Everyone falls for it.

    Thats the flag of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). And the “Kalima” is written on it. Which represents the whole of Muslims all over the world.

    You want to go topless go do it on a beavh somewhere bitches.

    • I like a good protest. We have the right in this world to demonstrate our views yes. Just don’t kill any one or distroy anything init. That also goes for what you do and do not believe in. The internet has shown me that most of the people who message should be avoided in the street.
      Religion should not represent politics and vice versa.
      Let’s all take our tops off. Peace…

  27. propaganda, try dressing like these girls in Middle east and you will be raped or killed.

  28. Im flying to Lebanon !! lol

  29. If you see it, everyone who sees it expresses it from their own unique aspect of duality. So as non-duslity is the same to all, or the one of all. We each share it from our individual unique perspectives. The perspective of one is beautiful regardless of who speaks of it from there unique perception. Anyone who see it, sees it in anyone else who sees it regardless of how they express it. As the one of non- dualiry is the one to all of us.
    A blessing for Religion to see would be to recognize the path to one is different for everyone. Regardless if you share the same religion on the outside you can not help but internalize it differently then anyone else. That path to one is unique to all of us and even though we may call the path the same between two people ie Jewish, Buddhist, catholic, Muslim etc, to the degree of scrutiny the path is given it will eventually be understood or seen in non dualiry or a unique perspective.
    With that said no matter how beautiful or not, someones path is we can only find our own path. The thought we think that someone shows us is there path and we need to finf our own path. As non duslity, one, God, Braham and so on are no mind. So the thought has to be a personal letting go of the thought that is held by the mind to be no mind.
    Another way of thinking no mind, Braham or God it to think of ourself as a tangle of thoughts and the untangling of thoughts that create mind become one, Jehovah or Buddha.
    Some people want to think there is a God while others want to think there isn’t a God. Both perspectives are wrong in the same way as to THINK you can understand what God is or isn’t is a dream of thought that isn’t but thinks it is.

  30. That is seriously courageous to do in Lebanon. Some serious “huevos” on display (in Spanish the word “huevos” really means “eggs”)

  31. WM, Jr. Good to see you have been busy since law school! Bob


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