Check out Scott Brown pose naked for Cosmo 80’s – An old favourite. Also some thoughts on the GOP “bimbo wing” – Will Rick Perry be posing nude or nude-ish soon like Palin & Brown did?

a34856_BrownCosmo_01222010Another GOP intellectual giant showing off their brain power. But wearing even less clothing than Ms Palin in 1984.

What is it with GOP kinda-sorta politicians and the need to take off their clothes when they are young? Or do Palin and Brown represent the “bimbo” wing of the Republican Party? They were both very much “flash in the pan” politicians on the US political stage.

However it is proven career path: 1) take off clothes 2) elected office 3) fox news

The real question is whether Rick Perry is secretly part of the “bimbo” wing of the party? God protect us from seeing him in the nude. Even with his news super-smart-hunk glasses! Although could work well in helping gather those sweet sweet “log cabin” Republican voters?

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